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Samsungsemiconstory Terms of Use


Welcome to official blog of Samsung Electronics’ Device Solutions Division, ‘Samsungsemiconstory’.

The Samsungsemiconstory blog (hereinafter referred to as “Samsungsemiconstory”) is operated to share and communicate various news about Samsung’s semiconductor business.

The Terms of Use set forth below govern your access to or use of the blog and services. Please read the terms carefully before accessing or using the blog. Your use of the blog constitutes your agreement to each of the terms.

0. Blog usage hours

As a rule, the contents of Samsungsemiconstory blog are operated 24/7 and throughout the year.

However, the usage may be restricted during maintenance or renewal.

1. Copyright

All information provided by the blog may be copied, distributed, transmitted, displayed and performed in accordance with the Creative Common License (CCL), and is protected by copyrights. Users may only use the information provided by the blog for personal and non-commercial usage. Content users must comply with the following conditions.

– Author display: The original author of the content must be displayed.

– Non-profit: The contents may not be used in pursuit of profit.

– No derivative works: The contents may not be adapted, changed, or recreated.

 2. No Guarantee

Samsungsemiconstory does not guarantee the confidentiality of the blog. Samsungsemiconstory is not liable for any damages that users may experience on the blog related to confidential information.

3. Privacy (For Non-EU and Non-Brazil users)

Your use of Samsungsemiconstory and its services and features is subject to the Samsungsemiconstory privacy policy. We provide additional information about our privacy practices related to particular services where appropriate. To the extent a service has its own privacy notice, the privacy notice also will apply to your use of such service. We recommend that you review the privacy notice of each service for more information about our privacy practices.

 1) Blog Usage

Users can view the information or news on Samsungsemiconstory without providing personal information other than server logs. The Samsungsemiconsotry server will automatically record user’s browser information when visiting the blog. Such server logs include information that identifies the user’s browser, such as the user’s web request, browser type and language, the time and date of visit or posting, and cookies. In this way, the collected and stored information are digitized for future improvements of the blog and user visits.

 2) Use of Cookies

Samsungsemiconstory may collect and store the information of the user or of the user’s computer in the internet form of cookies, beacons and other technologies. Cookies are small-sized file made up of characters, and are stored on the user’s computer by identifying the user’s browser on the first visit. Cookies enable the users’ more efficient use of Samsungsemiconstory. Most browsers are set to apply cookies, but the user can reset the browser to deny all cookie settings, or adjust it to specify authorization when cookies are transmitted. However, if the user’s cookies are inactivated or deleted, the blog service may not be properly operable.

3) Links

Samsungsemiconstory includes related sites which are not protected by the policy of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., or links to other blogs. We are not responsible for the security or privacy of any information collected by such websites.

The aforementioned policy may be subject to amendment with time. Any amendments on the policy provisions will be shared on the announcement page, and for critical provisions, additional precise guidelines will be provided. The respective provisions of the policy amendments will be posted on the top of the page for each corresponding date and the past provisions of the policy before the amendments will also be listed for the users’ review.

4. Customer service contact

Samsungsemiconstory is always making its best efforts to provide the best possible contents. If you experience any errors using the blog, or have any inquiries, please contact us by e-mail (

Dated August 17, 2021.

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